Pigeon Racing: Secrets of Champions


While attending the Old Comrades Show recently I was chatting to Frank Tasker and my friend Doctor Geoff Richmond and was introduced to Jim Jenner who has made several videos/DVDs including the famous Marathon in the Sky and Oldest Feathered Friends. Jim said that his new DVD Secrets of Champions was a good one also and that he would like me to view it and give my opinion on it. Well the other night I could not sleep as my mind was over active. Unlike my body my wife says. O I sat down at 3am and watched it. What did I think about it? Well I don t think, I know! Secrets of Champions is without doubt the finest piece of national ? filming ever put together on a pigeon DVD. If there is a better one let me know and skin flint as I am I will happily buy a copy. To be truthful how could it fail to be as good as it has a cast of superstars in the credits including As Schaerlaechens, who for my money is the best writer on pigeon topics today, Frank Tasker himself a veteran champion and I am not trying to say Frank is old but he has been winning for many years, Ronnie Williamson who without question is Northern Ireland s number one and Geoff Kirkland who for my money is the finest fancier this country has ever produced. What these four have in common besides their ability to race pigeons is a willingness to share their thoughts and views on pigeons. So how could this film fail barring Jim running out of film. Well Jim Jenner didn t run out of film and his DVD is a class act and well worthy to run with its stablemates Marathon in the Sky and oldest Feathered Friends . The biggest criticism, I often hear ? fanciers level is that You learn now t from em, you just see fancy lofts and advertising . Well I can assure you that you will learn plenty from this baby and as for advertising not one work is mentioned. In fact many of the people interviewed declared their displeasing at the level of commercialism in the sport today. You will hardly see the inside of a loft on this DVD. It is 100% factual, edited in a pleasant and very viewable manner. I am very confident that all fanciers, from the most seasoned veteran to the newest beginner will glean a huge amount of information from Secrets of Champions. Dr. Carlo Gyselbretcht, the Belgian pigeon flying veterinarian also feature together with Paul Haelteramn, the man who is responsible in no small part to Frank s phenomenal success as well as Dr. Ken Dial, professor of avian flight studies who reveals many amazing facts about our belonged pigeons. Alan and Dirk Van den Driessche provide the Belgian angle on such matters as the darkness system and introduction of new stock. Two successful disciples of Frank and Ronnie, Gregg Brothers tell of their beliefs on a variety of subjects. I do not wish to spoil our enjoyment of the DVD by giving too much away but the subjects of contented pigeons, motivation, overcrowding, eyesign and many more aspects of our sport are covered. The secret of the motor is revealed and Geoff Kirkland says it is not a theory but a fact. This piece alone is worth the cost of the DVD. Anyone looking at buying a Christmas gift need search no further. Order today and reap the rewards. As Jim would say “enjoy”. –British Homing World

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