Best Racing Pigeon Pedigree

How To Earn Big Commision?
Pedigree is all that matters! It is for that reason why great sums are paid for children of champions. It is for that reason why birds whose generation is closer to the foundation are more expensive than birds of later generation. It is also the reason why a 10th placer in an International race sold more than a higher ranked pigeon. Why? Simply because the 10th placer is a validation of its bloodline and the higher ranked pigeon may come from less known origin.
Pedigree ensures a greater chance of breeding success. It tells you how a bird is bred. It tells you the method of breeding great fanciers use. It will guide you in your breeding choices and pairing decisions. Most importantly, it will give information about the origin of the bird.
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Racing Pigeons in Philippines

The history of Racing Pigeon Club of Angeles (Philippines)(RCPA) is the former (ACPRA) Angeles City Pigeon Racing Association, (RCPA) is nostalgic and inspiring all the fanciers here in Angeles City. The pioneers led by Richard Caparas, first Presiding BOD,Adrian Suarez, first Secretary,Renan Agustin,first Treasurer ,Mike Yabut, Programmer & Officer, Elmer Castaneda, first BOD, Roland Salunga, first BOD of ( RCPA) triumphed over the seemingly insurmountable odds when (RCPA) was still at its infancy stage. They, a member of the Racing Pigeon Club of Angeles(Philippines) established in 2007, actively participated in the club races. The club was organized and supported by Carmelo “Jon” Lazatin II and with the support of other members.